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Ultrasounds are an important part of prenatal care. The noninvasive test also helps board-certified OB/GYN Hearther Daley, MD, of WomanKind OB/GYN, PA in McAllen, Texas, better understand the cause of gynecological symptoms women may experience to dictate treatment options. For more information about the comprehensive ultrasound testing available, including 4D imaging, call or book a consultation online today.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of your internal organs or a growing baby. It’s used for evaluation of fetal development as well as diagnostically for several gynecological issues.

During an ultrasound, a technician glides a transducer, or wand, on your belly and pelvic region. Some women may require a transvaginal ultrasound, during which the transducer is inserted through the vagina, to get a better image of the uterus.

The transducer transmits sound waves into your body, which then bounce off your organs and return through the transducer to a computer. The computer generates an image that is then read by Dr. Daley.

Why would I need a gynecological ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are a normal evaluative tool used during pregnancy. At WomanKind OB/GYN, PA, Dr. Daley may use them to confirm pregnancy and monitor the growth of your baby.

Outside of pregnancy, you might benefit from an ultrasound to confirm or rule out a diagnosis, such as:

  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Reasons for pelvic pain or abnormal uterine bleeding

Ultrasounds are painless and noninvasive. You don’t need any special preparation prior to or downtime afterward, unless otherwise directed.

How often are ultrasounds performed during pregnancy?

The number of ultrasounds you need during pregnancy depends on your particular case. At a minimum, you can expect an in-office ultrasound at your first prenatal appointment at WomanKind OB/GYN, PA, to confirm pregnancy and estimate your due date as well as one at 20 weeks to evaluate your baby, uterus, and the position of the placenta. Dr. Daley can also determine the gender of your baby at this time.

WomanKind OB/GYN, PA, also offers 4D ultrasounds that have such realistic imaging that you can see your baby’s face for the first time. Although not medical or diagnostic, 4D ultrasounds may help Dr. Daley identify birth defects, such as cleft palate, that may not show up on a traditional ultrasound.

In-office ultrasounds are convenient and valuable when it comes to evaluating your obstetrics and gynecological health. To learn more about the offerings at WomanKind OB/GYN, PA, call or book an appointment online.